Production Process


At the beginning we mix WC, Co and doping elements according to our special recipes. This mixture is then ball-milled and sieved for an outstanding homogenous distribution of carbide grains of the specific grade powder.


With the help of additives, we then plasticize the powder into a clay like dough in our kneaders. This step is necessary to shape the final product.


The plasticized mixture flows through our extrusion press. At this particular step we bring our rods near their final shape including our famous helical coolant ducts.


Soaked with plasticizing agent, the rods then need to dry in an air conditioned chamber and special drying-furnaces – the bigger the diameter the longer – before they’re finished in the sinter-hip furnace.


In the sinter-hip process the last plasticizing agents evaporate during the heating process. Finally, at around 1380 C° the cobalt melts, and is embedding the WC grains under hot isostatic pressure. The rods loose up to 25 % of their volume due to shrinkage eliminating porosity.


After passing a last rigorous inspection the rods are then either stocked in our warehouse or refined in our grinding department prior to shipping to our customers.